Fight middle aged belly with breakfast

I want to remind you about my discussion of what to eat for breakfast if you are a middle aged man like me and how the 7 PM diet for men can do wonders to your tummy.  Research completed at an Israeli university has concluded that eating as many as half your calories at breakfast can help you lose weight.  There are other tips going back decades suggesting how we should eat breakfast like a king.  In this study, while two groups of people trying to lose weight consumed exactly the same number of calories, those who consumed 50% of their daily intake at breakfast lost more weight.

So is it time to eat a bigger breakfast?  Well, first of all, skipping breakfast is a terrible idea.  After not eating anything for more than 12 hours, it is a great idea to give nourishment to the body as the body wakes up (preferably within one hour of waking up, though, because I workout first things in the morning for an hour, for me it is a lot longer).  Secondly, we middle aged men no longer have the metabolism of a younger man and do not burn as many calories.  Consuming most of our calories during earlier part of the day gives the body more time to process that food.   And finally, if you consume a big breakfast, your appetite will be lower during the day, and hopefully you will lower your total calorie consumption.

What to eat for breakfast?  In addition to eating a big breakfast, it is also beneficial to focus on whole grains, fruits, and protein.  My favorite choices for breakfast are some combination of fresh fruits, juices (only if squeezed at home by hand so that all the fiber is intact), oatmeal, whole wheat organic breads, milk, goat cheese, water soaked almonds, and coffee.

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